Hollie Bailey is a dynamic hand weaver, producing beautifully crafted original pieces from her studio located in Leicestershire.

Her fabric designs are a brilliant mix of traditionally executed construction using regular weave structures, combined with a more contemporary play on yarn properties, resulting in a unique range of woven textiles.

She is already an accredited designer whose fabrics are recognizable by their award winning unique style. 

This trademark style is recognisable by its movement and individuality. The creation of these pieces is achieved by expertly manipulating the shrinking nature of woollen yarns, alongside stable yarns, creating soft textures and undulating surface qualities, resulting in wonderfully unusual one off fabrics.

Hollie indulges her unique and distinct style with sumptuous fibre choices of soft lambswool and beautiful lustrous silks, creating a well-balanced contrast of tactile textures and opulent designs. This, combined with her innate sense of the use of colour makes Hollie's fabric desirable and divine.

e-mail - info@holliebailey.co.uk

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